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With tightly-knit controls around our production process and our years of experience

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We are cognizant and always on the lookout for new technologies that leading packaging companies

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Our cutting-edge manufacturing process goes through multiple iterations to ensure that we can provide

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Whether it is lamination zippers for lightweight items or slider zippers for the simple convenience of releasability

About S.I Industries

S.I. Industries specialize in producing high-quality, reusable plastic packaging products including Ziplock profiles for your Ziplock packaging bags. Through our leading brand ezLOCK™, we offer a diverse range of closure tapes to cater to many different use-cases and applications.

Our Ziplock packaging profiles are very popular among many large-scale printing and packaging companies in Pakistan, who rely on us for premium-quality and innovative packaging solutions – from resealable slider zippers to custom 3mm plastic zipper bags to Anti Tampering Zipper for Pouches. SI Industries combines classic designs, latest technologies, and complete automation to bring the most innovative product packaging to all types of businesses and packaging companies.

Dress Your Products to Enhance Brand Appeal

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Unlike most ziplock packaging companies, we manage the entire manufacturing and distribution process ourselves so you can always expect top-quality zipper packaging solutions from us. Whether it is frozen edible food packaging, confectionery, dry goods, or garments and accessories, your products are packed in re-usable and flexible product packaging and zipper profiles from SI Industries. Let your brand pop up on the shelves!

Easy, Secure Packaging at a Budget Price


Our re-closable packaging zipper tapes help you improve product security, maintain product freshness, and transport perishable or fragile items safely over long distances.

Whatever your packaging needs, we help you pick the most appropriate size, shape, and design to fit your packaging needs and budget. We also offer made-to-order, customized solutions that meet the highest standards of hygiene and safety.

Areas Where Zip Lock Used Most

Our zip lock bags give your products added protection, value, and secure packaging. The secret to our resealable bags is quality, simplicity, and dependability.

Pet Food

Variety of Zip Lock Closures from S.I.Industries help Pet owners retain freshness and reduce food waste. Preserve the original taste of your Pet's favorite meals and snacks with our Pet Food Packaging."

Frozen Food

In a world where convenience is the king, custom frozen food packaging solutions by SI Industries offers top-notch quality zipper packaging profiles in various design and size options. Our zipper profiles have excellent sealing and re-usable properties.

Cheese & Dairy

Shredded, block, and sliced cheese stay fresher for longer when packaged with a tight reclose. Our zip-seal packaging represents the product's worth while also protecting it. Our resealable packaging provides a barrier to moisture, dirt, and germs from contaminating your food.


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