Sensory Zipper (Feel & Sound)

Our Sensory Zipper is the latest addition to our re-closable zipper line, highly regarded for added functionality to product packaging, adding value to your brands, and improving customer satisfaction. If you are looking for a secure, effortless, and reliable packaging, then our Sensory Zipper promises innovative and cost-effective for packing grains, pet food, chemicals, and even detergents. Manufactured using LDPE and sealed with PE films, our Sensory Zipper offers a powerful closure for on-the-go pouches and a sleek, triple lock design to minimize product spillage.

Zipper Type

Sensory Zipper

Zipper Width

11mm - 13mm, 13.5mm


Bread Crums


Pet Food and many more…

Key Features


Tactile Sensation

Secure Zipper


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